Dune Buggy Rental in Dubai

Unforgettable Dune Buggy Rental
in Dubai

We are here to give you the most memorable and thrilling dune buggy adventure in Dubai. Whether you are an explorer or an adventurer who loves to explore the horizons for sheer fun, it is truly made for you. 

Buggy Rental

Buggy tour in Dubai is the most enjoyed outdoor activity that is popular among tourists and locals alike. Even if this activity is new for you, we will make it a lifetime treat you will never forget. 

Our dune buggy in Dubai rental team is there for  you at all times to assist and ensure you have a great time.  Our performance dune buggies are well-equipped and waiting for you to drive them. So let the game of thrill begin and go on an adventure with us. Contact us now at contact@endurobikeadvanture.com.

Polaris Buggy Tour ● 1 hour drive time

Explore the desert sands in our stunning performance buggy. Let your adrenaline levels go high as you have a one-hour blast through the sands of Dubai.

AED 850.00

Polaris Buggy Tour ● 2 hour drive time

Experience the stunning and massive desert dunes of Dubai with our two hours buggy tour drive. The experience gets even better and surely a memorable one.

AED 1200.00

Bike Tour ● 1 hour

Ride for an hour to make memories
that will last a lifetime.
AED 750 1 Hour
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Bike Tour ● 4 hour

Unleash your free spirit over the
Arabian Desert for 4 hours.
1680 AED 2 Hour
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Buy 2 Get 30%

Bike Tour ● 2 hour

Unleash your free spirit over the
Arabian Desert for 2 hours.
AED 1200 2 Hour
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Safety Precautions for Dune Buggy Riding

How to Reduce the Risks of Accidents & Injuries?

To ensure you have a great time as you choose dune buggy rental in Dubai, here are some important things you should consider.

  • We have experienced and professional tour guides so make sure you follow the instructions they provide you for the tour.
  • Our buggies are equipped with safety equipment and features, so rest assured that you can enjoy and have fun in the dunes freely.
  • Due to the environment in the desert, the visibility may reduce and make it challenging to drive the buggy. To reduce the potential risks on the desert safari tour or buggy ride, or, please use safety goggles and follow our safety guidelines.

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