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Dubai is one of the most famous tourist attractions in past few years. There are many reasons making it to number one tourist destination in the world. Along with tourism, Dubai is also the economic hub. The headquarters of almost all the multinationals are in Dubai. There are many high buildings in Dubai touching the sky. The world’s tallest building is also in Dubai named “Burj Khalifa”.

Dubai is also known for its large and charming deserts. In fact, Dubai lies in the Arabian Desert. Most of the area of Dubai is covered with sandy desert patterns. Millions of tourists come every year to Dubai to explore its deserts. There are many popular activities which people do in Dubai Deserts like Dubai desert motorbike racing, dune buggy racing, and desert safari.

In this blog, we are going to talk about dune buggy rental Dubai service which is exclusively brought to you by Enduro Bike Advanture.

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Why buggy is best for bashing dunes

The vehicle used in desert racing is mostly a buggy called as a dune buggy. It is a recreational automobile with large wheels on the sides. This is specially designed to bash sand dunes, beaches, off roads, etc. It is a roofless vehicle made for pure fun. The top speed of the dune buggy is usually 60 MPH, but it depends upon the vehicle. Buggy Rental Dubai is available by many tour operators.

A dune buggy is very safe and convenient for any type of desert racing. You can easily bash the dunes and enjoy a thrilling ride. However, to make your journey even more secure, we suggest you follow few safety tips.

Safety tips for buggy racing

Protective gear is necessary for a dune buggy ride. This gear includes a safety helmet, goggles, gloves, boots. Moreover, you can also wear shoulder, knee, and elbow guards to protect yourself from injuries in case of accidents. The gear is provided by the tour operator before the race.

If you are new to buggy racing, it is highly suggested to you that you learn the riding procedure first. You should start from slow. While turning your buggy around the sharp corners, be extra careful and maintain the stability of the buggy. Do not try to overtake blindly, instead enjoy your own ride leaving others.

Keep your both hands on the steering all the time and be ready for emergency braking. Whenever you feel tired, it is good to take a rest for few minutes and enjoy the charming views of nature.

How to rent a buggy?

It is highly recommended to book your buggy racing package before your tour so to make sure that everything goes smoothly. To avail buggy rental Dubai services, you can buggy rental service section on our website.

There are multiple packages available by Enduro Bike Advanture for buggy rental which you can choose according to your desire. You can book a tour of 1 hour, 2 hours or 4 hours according to the time you want to spend on a thrilling ride.

Our pricing is also very reasonable as compared to other tour operators in the market. Our highlighted feature is our great customer service. We have a staff of highly trained people who are user friendly. We have expert tour guides working for decades in these deserts.

To make sure you enjoy a thrilling and fun ride, we provide all the necessary equipment needed for the dune buggy ride with no hidden charges. We also offer Dubai desert motorbike and quad bike rental Dubai services which are worth checking out. In case of any queries, feel free to reach our support team.

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